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Barely 2000 square metres, a little more than a city like London, manages to hold a cosmopolitan capital such as San Sebastian, a traditional culture and the oldest language in Europe, 86 km of versatile coastline and a lush green, maze-like countryside. Here are experiences you won’t want to miss when you visit San Sebastian Region.

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Price (Tax included): 65.00€ Children free (0-7) Duration: 4-5 hours "Our city is known for its amazing beaches, but the green environment that surrounds it is one of its best kept secrets. The St. James’s Way (Camino de Santiago) stretch that crosses San Sebastian, suitable for all the family, is the best example. Hike it with us until San Juan (Donibane in Basque language), a little and lovely fishing village that will delight your eyes. A light meal is included to restock on energy! And, of course, we take care oft the return trip: a car will be waiting for us after our hike is done to take us back to San Sebastian.

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Price (Tax Included): 42.00€, Children (0-7) 15.00€ Duration: 2.5 hours. San Sebastian is the perfect city to move around on a bike, and visit its hotspots while riding one of our bikes is a must-do that you will not forget. Join us and discover San Sebastian's most spectacular corners that otherwise would be missed while touring its three beaches and its hidden neighborhoods. Includes: -Bike and helmet -Local guide Not included: -Food/drinks

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