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Barely 2000 square metres, a little more than a city like London, manages to hold a cosmopolitan capital such as San Sebastian, a traditional culture and the oldest language in Europe, 86 km of versatile coastline and a lush green, maze-like countryside. Here are experiences you won’t want to miss when you visit San Sebastian Region.

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Price (Tax included): Adults 17.00€, Children 10.00€ Duration: 1 hour. Take a boat trip to discover this great record of the Earth from the sea. A fascinating boat trip that will allow us to discover the coastal flysch between Zumaia and Deba which holds millions of years of geological history in astonishing cliffs carved by the sea. This beautiful and singular landscape also hides one of the richest ecosystem in the Basque Coast, with a unique biodiversity that can not be seen in other parts of this territory.

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Price Tax Included: Adults 85.00 € / Young people 50.00 € / Childs 25.00 € min 4 pax Duration:4 hours The delights of the Gipuzkoa coast can be found much further than the astonishing beaches of San Sebastian. Enjoy walking throught the narrow streets of Orio were you will learn all about this fishermen village and its people whale catching stories. Get involved with surfing lifestyle in Zarautz village and learn everything about Juan Sebastian Elcano in lovely Getaria village as well as its people habits and its fishermen ols stories. Finally you will get in love with San Telmo hermitage, located over the Flysch rock layers.

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Price (Tax Included): Adults: 20.00€ Minimum age (years): 12 Duration:3.15 hours. The geological sanctuary of the Geopark. The extinction of the dinosaurs and much more. On foot and by boat This walking tour and boat trip reveals the secrets of one of the greatest geological sanctuaries in the world. Enter the world of the geologist, guided by one of our experts, and learn how to recognise events in the rock, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs or major climate change. The tour begins at the Algorri Centre with a walk along the cliffs, then it's all aboard for a boat trip to contemplate their true magnificence from a different angle.

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Price Tax included Adults 85.00€ Childs 20.00 € Duration4 hours Visit some of the most beautiful and charming seaside villages of the basque coastline while you stay in San Sebastian! Amazingly close to the city, you will feel that time has stopped in these fishing villages. The convenient short distance makes up for the perfect half day trip from Donostia, so you can still enjoy all the hustle of the city in the afternoon!

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Price Tax Included: Adults 125.00€ , Young People (6-13) 100.00€, Children (0-5) 75.00€ MIN 2 PAX Hike discovering the geopark of the Basque Coast and the best local food & wine tasting picnic.

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Price Tax Included: 150.00€ , Young People (6-13) 125.00€, Children (0-5)100.00€ MIN 2 PAX Duration: 10 hours Collect the best mountain food, visiting artisan producers and lunch in a private gastronomic club.

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Price (Tax included): Adults 25.00€, Children less than 12 years old 15.00€ Duration: 3 hours. The flysch, the ports and maritime tradition by boat Take the boat from Zumaia, past Deba, to Mutriku, and discover the Geopark coastline from a geological and a cultural point of view. Learn about the main features of the flysch, the life forms, and the traditions of a bygone era: ship building in Zumaia, trade in Deba and whaling in Mutriku. You will have approximately 45 minutes free time to visit the port and the old quarter of Mutriku, declared as Historic Monumental Site.

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Price (Tax Included): 165.00€ Young People (12-17) 50.00€ Children (0-11) 25.00€ , children's price is not included the lunch Duration: 7 hours. This tour is focused on the path of St. Ignatius from his birth to the founding of the Society of Jesus. We will visit the spectacular Basilica of Loiola (built in the 18th century) and Saint Ignatius' family house and birthplace (in Loiola, Azpeitia), the hermitage of La Antigua in Zumarraga (where Saint Ignatius made a stop during his pilgrimage) and the Sanctuary of Arantzazu (located in a spectacular spot in a gorge, rebuilt in the 1950's and a showcase of modern religious art at its finest, awarded with several international prizes). A day full of spirituality that will leave the faithful tourist as well as the not religious one awed by the sheer beauty of the sights.

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Price (Tax Included): Adults 175.00 € / Young people 50.00 € / Child 25.00 € . min 4 pax b>Duration: 8 hours The delights of the French coast can be found close to San Sebastian. Tiny and lovely fishing villages like Saint Jean de Luz can be discovered, where time seems to have stopped long time ago, or nice villages on the beach such as Biarritz where people from all around the world spend their summer enjoying the Basque gastronomy and surf in the same town. Blow your mind in Bayonne, a charming small city full of historic buildings and a lovely quaint downtown.Finally visit Hendaye, a town in the border between France and Spain were many historic events have happened.Do not lose the opportunity to visit the fantastic towns of the Basque French shore.

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Price (Tax included): Adults 15.00€, Children under 12 years old 8.00€. Duration: 2.15 hours Great fossils and wild cliffs seen Visit the Nautilus museum and take a boat trip to discover the spectacular black flysch cliffs. Marvel at the giant ammonites found on this stretch of the Geopark, and learn how the Bay of Biscay opened up and how great underwater canyons were formed, causing huge landslides.

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Price (Tax Included): 100.00€ Duration: 9 hours. The treasures of Bizkaia go beyond Bilbáo and its magnificent museum. Venture with us on the coast of Bizkaia and Guernica and learn, sight and taste Basque history, landscapes and flavors of these lands. First we will visit Guernica and its Museum of La Paz, this town sadly famous for the bombing it suffered reflects and shows the history of the Basque Country in its streets and museums. After soaking up the history we will head to the coast where Urdaibai with its natural landscapes and biodiversity and Mundaca with its famous wave will leave you speechless. After enjoying a menu that includes First course, second course, postré and wine with vegetables, meat and fish to choose from, we will visit the fishing village of Bermeo to experience in first person the fishing atmosphere of this town that preserves its intact marine tradition. Let yourself be guided by us and enjoy an unbeatable day

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Price (Tax Included):Adults 215.00 € / Young people 70.00 € / Childs 25.00 € . min 4 pax The coast of Biscay, altogether with it secrets and charms, allows the visitor to live a unique day full of and delightful spots. Make yourself enjoy with the majestic Bilbao and its Guggenheim museum and climb endless stairs until San Juan de Gaztelugatxe’s small church between Bermeo and Bakio.

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Price (Tax Included): 195.00€, Young People (8-17) 70.00€ , Children (0-7) 25.00€ Duration: 8 hours. Enjoy two of the wonders of the Basque Country in a single day's visit that will not leave you indifferent. First we will go to Salinas de Añana where salt is produced from pre-Romanesque times and it has become a must-visit place for all lovers of gastronomy and history since this place combines both facets. Learn how salt is produced with millenary techniques and enjoy the different flavors offered by Valle Salado. After eating a complete menu with two main courses, dessert and wine, we will head towards Vitoria-Gasteiz, a city with a long history and place of different civilizations and a place that has undergone innumerable changes throughout its history. Come with us to know its history and the customs of its inhabitants among its streets full of medieval palaces and artistic murals that will surprise you. Dare to know these two points that will amaze you with their views, stories and flavors

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Price Tax Included: Adult 145.00€, Young People (12-17) 50.00€, Children (0-12) 20.00€ Duration: 6 hours

desde 125.00€


Price Tax Included: Adults 125.00€, Young People(6-13) 100.00€, Children (0-5) 75.00€ MIN 2 PAX Duration: 7 hours Shopping in the local market and best local food & wines tasting picnic in the paradise.

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Price (Tax Included): 170.00€, Young People (8-17) 50.00€, Children (0-7) 25.00€ Duration: 8 hours. Enjoy the wonders of Navarra together with Donostyle Tours. Climb into our vehicle and let yourself be seduced by roads and castles from other times and cities that resist the passage of time like Pamplona The day begins with pick-up at your hotel and we will travel to the Castillo de Javier where we can learn all about this 10th century castle and its most illustrious inhabitant, San Francisco de Javier. After making this visit that will take around two hours we will go to Pamplona where we can enjoy a menu that includes First course, second course, postré and wine. The menu includes different dishes to choose from among vegetables, meats and fish. After enjoying a generous meal we will know the history of Pamplona from its Romanesque times until today where it has become a modern and advanced city but that keeps alive its festivities and traditions such as the San Fermín festivities. Let yourself be guided by us and enjoy a fantastic day where you will enjoy gastronomy, history traditions and the people of Navarre.

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