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Barely 2000 square metres, a little more than a city like London, manages to hold a cosmopolitan capital such as San Sebastian, a traditional culture and the oldest language in Europe, 86 km of versatile coastline and a lush green, maze-like countryside. Here are experiences you won’t want to miss when you visit San Sebastian Region.

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Museums and Performances

desde 7.00€


Price (Tax Included): Adults 7.00€, Young peole ( 7-17 years old) and Retired People 5.00€, Chilren until 6 years old free Duration: 1 hour At Albaola the Sea Factory of the Basques in Pasaia we are building a historical replical of the San Juan, a whaleship built in this very port in the 16th century. You can see it right before your eyes. In this shipyard converted into a museum, you will travel through Basque seafaring history and observe the carpenters' craftsmanship first hand, and if you like you can arrive by boat. Besides, this proyect has the recognition of UNESCO.

desde 12.00€


Price Tax Included: Adults 12.00€, Young People (8-17) 6.00€, Retired people 10.00€, Children 0-7 free. Chillida Leku is the result of a longtime dream of the artist: to create a space where his works could be permanently displayed. Chillida Leku is a sculptural space, considered an artwork by the artist where his vision of form, space and time are in perfect balance.

desde 7.00€


Price (Tax included): Adults 7.00€, Retired People 5.00€ Children: (5-12 years old) 5.00 € Duration: 1 hour Discover the secrets of the fishing tradition with a visit to the floating museum MATER, old fishing boat where you'll know the life on board of the Basque fishermen, his technique of selective fishing of the tuna and the singularities of the boat. The visit includes an aperitif of bonito del norte with txakoli.

desde 20.00€


Price (Tax included): Adults 20.00€, Young people from 18-29 years old 8.00€ Duration: 4 hours. The Galarreta Fronton in Hernani. Come watch the most spectacular and dynamic form of Basque pelota, at Gipuzkoa's best fronton. Remonte is one of the most spectacular forms of Basque pelota played with cesta, a basket used to catch and throw the ball. It requires great technique and speed of its players.

desde 6.00€


Price (Tax Included): Adults 6.00€, Children until 15 years old free At the Basque Railway Museum you will find information on the history of Basque railway companies, from the ancient trains that appeared together with the industrial revolution to modern Metro Bilbao units and you also will discover how steam engines worked or the importance of public transport in the sustainable development of our society.

desde 9.00€


Price (Tax included): Adults 9.00 €, Children (5-15 years) and Retired 6.00€/ Infants (0-4 years): Free. Duration: 1 hour Arrikrutz Oñati´s caves provides guided tours within the most extensive cave in Gipuzkoa. You´ll admire the great speleothems and you´ll get know about its archeological and paleonthological discoveries, such as a full skeleton of a cave lion ( the first of this kind on the Peninsula.)

desde 40.00€


Price Tax Included: 40.00€ Price for 1-4 pax in total Duration: 1 hour An area located in the centre of Legazpi, which shows us the process of the author's work both with the iron and with the paper. Documented testimonies, machinery, and guided tours that let us get closer to the relationship between the author and the town.

desde 8.00€


Price (Tax Included): Adult 8.00€ , Young people (6-18 years old) and Retired people 7.00€,Children 0-5 years old free Duration: 2 hours. The complete guided tour of the Ekainberri complex. Start by visiting the Basque coast's most spectacular cave paintings at Ekainberri, feeling what the people who inhabited this place 15000 years ago must have felt in the cave. Continue exploring by learningt how to start a fire, hunt and paint in the prehistoric way. The experiences are only available in Spanish and Basque.

desde 6.00€


Price Tax Included: Adults 6.00€ , Young People, Retired People and Children 5.00€, Children 0-6 free Iraupena: 25 minutu Discover a unique exprience which combines real scenery and characters with the dramatization of an actress. In a monologue play, the last living person of Lili lineage, Andre Madalen, will transport visitors to the year 1678, where they will visit the different rooms and halls of the palace.

desde 7.00€


Price (Tax Included): Adults 7.00€ Duration: 1 hour Learn all about iron and its culture with our blacksmiths in Mirandaola Ironworks, which is an original example of a Basque traditional ironworks. The blacksmiths will make a life demonstration of how they worked in the XVIth century. The tour includes; the blacksmith "pintxo" or snack (charcoal-grilled "txistorra", rural homemade bread and cider) and guided tours to the Basque Iron Museum and the iron cross' chapel.

desde 15.00€


Price (Tax Included): Adults 15.00€, Young people (12-18 years old) and retired people 10.00€, Children (6-12 years old) 5.00€ Duration: 3 hours Become a little alchemist for a day. Challenge all your senses and make your own natural soaps, special for all the family's skin… Transform, test and flow through your senses! You can also get to know how the life in a typical basque farmhouse built in the XVIth century was by visiting the Interpretation Center, the farmhouse and ending the experience trying several flavours of the rural surroundings in the farmhouse.

desde 8.00€


Price (Tax included): Adults 8.00€, Children ( from 6 to 12 years old ) 2.00€ Duration: 2 hours Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum in Ezkio is a cultural space, an authentique, essential and unique heritage that represents the cultural legacy of the basque people that opens its doors for you. Come and discover its cultural, natural, historic and ethnographic values, they are the key of its singularity and identity. Igartubeiti is one of the most interesting farmhouses in the Basque Country thanks to its original wool structure, that has been very well preserved, and the big cider press inside of it. Enjoy the tasting of local products. Idiazabal cheese, bread, cider, honey…

desde 10.00€


Price (Tax included): Adults 10.00€, Yong people from 12 to 17 years old, children from 4 to 11 years old and retaired people 7.00€. Interactive Science Museum where learning and enjoying at the same time is possible. Its permanent exhibition has over 170 interactive experiences divided in 8 areas of which Animalia and the one dedicated to the human body are the ones to be underlined. There is also a 3D Digital Planetarium and a Simulators room. Every weekend and on holydays, animations and shows are offered.

desde 13.00€


Price (Tax included): Adults:13.00€, Children (4 to 12) 6.50€ Students, Handicaped, Retired and Unemployed: 9.00€ (Identity Card Required) We propose a submarine trip from tropical coral reefs, to cold waters of the Atlantic, where you will have a meeting face to face with the bull sharks and rays. More than 5000 fish and a great oceanario crossed by a tunnel of 360º.

desde 12.50€


Price (Tax included): Adults 12.50€, Under 12 years old: 9.50€. Combining learning with fun is possible here. A permanent exhibition of over 169 interactive sections, a digital Planetarium and a 350-metre room with all kind of simulators (such as F1 car, a flight deck or the Orion spaceship) to transport kids and adults into a world of sensations.

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