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Barely 2000 square metres, a little more than a city like London, manages to hold a cosmopolitan capital such as San Sebastian, a traditional culture and the oldest language in Europe, 86 km of versatile coastline and a lush green, maze-like countryside. Here are experiences you won’t want to miss when you visit San Sebastian Region.

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Price (Tax included): Adults 17.00€, Children 10.00€ Duration: 1 hour. Take a boat trip to discover this great record of the Earth from the sea. A fascinating boat trip that will allow us to discover the coastal flysch between Zumaia and Deba which holds millions of years of geological history in astonishing cliffs carved by the sea. This beautiful and singular landscape also hides one of the richest ecosystem in the Basque Coast, with a unique biodiversity that can not be seen in other parts of this territory.

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Price (Tax Included): Adults: 20.00€ Minimum age (years): 12 Duration:3.15 hours. The geological sanctuary of the Geopark. The extinction of the dinosaurs and much more. On foot and by boat This walking tour and boat trip reveals the secrets of one of the greatest geological sanctuaries in the world. Enter the world of the geologist, guided by one of our experts, and learn how to recognise events in the rock, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs or major climate change. The tour begins at the Algorri Centre with a walk along the cliffs, then it's all aboard for a boat trip to contemplate their true magnificence from a different angle.

desde 8.00€


Price (Tax included); Adults 8.00€, Children 5.00€ Duration: 2 hour. A stroll through the heart of the Geopark Walk through the hidden valley of Olatz in Mutriku, carved out by water erosion and flanked by towering limestone pyramids. Follow the surprising meander of the river and discover the main features created by karst modelling. This is a truly unique and authentic landscape. During the walk you will see some exceptional Basque farmhouses, such as Goienetxe, where you will meet the flock and learn about cheese-making, followed by a cheese tasting with a delicious glass of local txakoli wine.

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Price (Tax included): Adults 15.00€, Children 8.00€ . Minimum age (years): 10 Duration: 3.15 hour. Discover the life and colour of the flysch This fascinating biology tour can only be made when there is a very low tide. Let our experts guide you in your discovery of an enormous variety of species, and learn how they have adapted to live in the complex ecosystem of the abrasion platform at the foot of the cliffs. Here you will find starfish, octopuses, sea cucumbers, hares and much more. A whole world of life and colour at your fingertips.

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Price Tax Included: Adults: 10.00€, Children:5.00€ (10-12 years old) Duration:1.30 horas. Immerse yourself in the maritime history of the Basque Coast by visiting this magnificent 18th century mansion which belonged to the seafarers Antonio de Gaztañeta and Cosme Damian Churruca. Located in the historical quarter of Mutriku it is inhabited and preserved intact to the present day.

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Price (Tax included): Adults 25.00€, Children less than 12 years old 15.00€ Duration: 3 hours. The flysch, the ports and maritime tradition by boat Take the boat from Zumaia, past Deba, to Mutriku, and discover the Geopark coastline from a geological and a cultural point of view. Learn about the main features of the flysch, the life forms, and the traditions of a bygone era: ship building in Zumaia, trade in Deba and whaling in Mutriku. You will have approximately 45 minutes free time to visit the port and the old quarter of Mutriku, declared as Historic Monumental Site.

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Price (Tax included): Adults 30.00€, Young People (5-12 years old) 15.00€ Duration: 1.30 hours A unique sensation on board the museum ship MATER, navigating in a traditional fishing boat where you can take part in the navigation and learn the operation of the port of Pasaia and natural features of the environment.

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Price (Tax included): 15.00 € Oñati pack consists of a guided tours package to see the main tourist attractions of the town.

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Price (Tax Included): 12.00€ Min 4 pax Duration: 2 hours. Visit the most iconic locations of the city center and old town guided by a local! Spots full of history and charm, our tour guide will tell you a different story in every corner.

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