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LegazpiMuseums And Performances

Price Tax Included: 40.00€
Duration: 1 hour

An area located in the centre of Legazpi, which shows us the process of the author's work both with the iron and with the paper. Documented testimonies, machinery, and guided tours that let us get closer to the relationship between the author and the town.

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Adults: 40.00€
desde el 12-11-2019 hasta el 31-12-2019.


Languages: Spanish and Basque, English and French (on request)

Dates: All the year on request.
Meeting Point: Chillida Lantokia. Azpikoetxe Kalea s/n 20320 Legazpi.

Visit the Chillida Lantoki's area, where you can feel the touch of the iron and listen to its sound. Besides, you can also watch the morphological modification of this metal by Eduardo Chillida and how he used the heavy machinery to create his works. In this way, Chillida Lantoki, which is situated in the Paper Factory, shows the connection betwwen Eduardo Chillida and the industry in Legazpi, especially with the Patricio Echeverría's foundry.