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Our Museum is a replica of a manufacturing workshop, gathering the most representative models of machine-tools
manufactured by our pioneers during the mid-nineteenth century, and a traditional blacksmith's workshop with all its typical equipment thar we could find in these facilities that once were so common along the Deba valley, especially during the XV and XVI centuries.

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Adults: 2.00€
desde el 12-11-2019 hasta el 12-11-2019.

Languages: Basque and Spanish
Dates closed Saturdays, Sundays, Festivity days, bank holidays, 17-18/01. August closed.

Timetable: From Monday to Friday 8.00-13.00//1430-1730. From 2/01/2019 to 19/12/2019

The Machine Tool Museum pays tribute to the smithy workers, blacksmith’s and craftsmen of Elgoibar, who paved the way and laid the foundations of the iron industry, which now like before, absorbs the working activity of our town, and has currently reached the high level known to all.

With its facilities and working machines it uniquely presents manufacturing procedures, technical specifications and practical examples with real machining operations. Furthermore, the Museum is an educational guide to show the young generations the origin and evolution of the different technologies used in mechanical manufacturing processes.