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ZestoaMuseums And Performances

Price Tax Included: Adults 6.00€ , Young People, Retired People and Children 5.00€, Children 0-6 free
Iraupena: 25 minutu

Discover a unique exprience which combines real scenery and characters with the dramatization of an actress. In a monologue play, the last living person of Lili lineage, Andre Madalen, will transport visitors to the year 1678, where they will visit the different rooms and halls of the palace.

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Rate list:

Child: 5.00€
desde el 04-01-2020 hasta el 27-12-2020.

Young: 5.00€
desde el 12-11-2019 hasta el 27-12-2020.

Retired people: 5.00€
desde el 12-11-2019 hasta el 27-12-2020.

Adults: 6.00€
desde el 12-11-2019 hasta el 27-12-2020.


Languages Spanish and Basque
Times: Guided visit in Spanish
From Septembe to June: On Saturdays 16.30pm, On Sundays 11.30am
July and August: From Tuesday to Saturdays 16.30pm, On Sundays 11.30am

Dates closed: Festivity days
Meeting Point: Palacio Lili. Ticket office. Oficina central Portal Kalea 1 20740 Zestoa.

Lili Palace is one of the most important spots of the valley in Zestoa. The play "The Honor of Lili" takes place in Lili Palace in Zestoa. Please follow this indications in order to go watch the play:
" Car park: driving from the coast, the car park is located at the entrance of Zestoa, on the right.
" Tickets: they need to be purchased at Ekainberri's office in Zestoa town center. Tf: +34 868811. Price: 5€. It takes 5 minutes to walk from the car park to the office.
" Lili Palace: it takes 10 minutes to walk from the office to the palace. The play takes 25 minutes, please be there on time.

Important notifications:
1. It is forbidden to get into Lili in motor vehicles.
2. The access to the building is only on foot.
3. We recommend to wear appropriate shoes.
4. It is compulsory to buy the tickets 30 minutes before the play. Otherwise, the ticket will no longer be valid.