Servicio Operado – Organización Técnica Equinoccio Viajes S.A. (Cie 2050 M/M)

Eastern Basque Coast

If we look towards the east, we will discover some magic places on our coast. In Pasajes we find Albaola- The Basque Maritime Factory where we have the opportunity to watch live at first-hand how they are building the replica of the Nao San Juan. Alongside this is the Mater Museum boat where we can learn about the life that our fishermen lead. Crossing the bay we will visit Pasai Donibane with its delightful historic old town, that is famous for its gastronomy.

If we continue along this coast we come to Hondarribia, a picturesque fishing village that exudes a special charm and invites us to stroll along its cobbled streets among some unique buildings.